I’m doing logon tuning just now for non-persistent VDI desktops - seeing long it takes to deploy App-V packages on a per-user basis to a generic desktop based on AD group membership. To assist with the tuning, I thought it would be useful to write a quick PowerShell function to gather information from the AppSense event logs in a way that allowed easy sorting, display, recording and comparison.

Example output, sorted and piped to Out-Gridview


You need to have Send events to the AppSense event log set to Yes.


If you’re using persistent desktops, the function might not be as useful as-is unless you clear the AppSense log at log-off, or parse the results in some way that you only get events for a single logon.

As for the results of the tuning, it looks like we can get 4-5 larger applications (Project, Visio, etc) deployed on a per-user basis while only adding 7-12 seconds to the logon. However, this required a custom installer, which executes the App-V installation in a child-process. Executing the Add-AppvClientPackage CMDlet with a Custom Action caused AppSense to wait until the package had completely loaded before continuing. The slight (3-4 second) delay between logon completing and the application appearing in the Start Menu is acceptable, and delivery using AppSense in this manner is still better than SCCM which can take a minute or two.