I’m not sure yet if I’ll take part in the 2013 Scripting Games; but as the the practice exercise dovetailed nicely with a requirement I had, I thought I’d give it a shot.

It was quite different to write something “properly”, rather than just knocking something out that’d do the job. I’m not sure that’s exactly the way I would have done it without the supplied specification; I would have probably just returned total hours and total days, that would have made it easier to sort on a single column when output to an HTML table with formatted with the jQuery DataTables plugin (which is how I tend to format the output from most scripts). Also the exercise allowed you to assume that the server was online, whereas in the real world, I’d probably use a simple check to see whether the server was responding to Ping or not.

This is though, the first time that I’ve written a function which would accept pipeline input, and the first time I’ve use the ValidateNotNullOrEmpty parameter validation; as such it’s pushed me a little out of my comfort-zone, which is definitely a good thing.