PowerCLI to display VM name and screen resolution

One-liner PowerCLI to output a list of machine names and screen resolutions.

Get-VM | Where-Object {$_.Folder.Name -ne "VMwareViewComposerReplicaFolder"} | Select-Object Name,@{Name="Resolution";Expression={($_.Guest.ExtensionData.Screen.Width.ToString() + "x" + $_.Guest.ExtensionData.Screen.Height.ToString())}}

Handy for checking that VDI desktops are not set to less than 1024×768 which can cause issues with PCOIP, hence the exclusion of View replicas via the Folder.Name property (which would otherwise pollute the results when running against a View vCenter).

I concatenated the Height and Width values into a single column via a calculated value, which wasn’t strictly necessary but makes it more readable (for people).